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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Body-Mind War

Hi, Frayda,

Q. I attended your hypnosis for weight loss group a while ago and did really well for about a month. Then suddenly I felt like my body was at war with my mind. There was no way my body was going to give-in to this weight loss stuff. I gave up.

What was going on? Is there anything I can do to get past this fight?
Thanks for considering my question.

A. Dear Ruth,

It sounds like your body rebelled because it felt you were pushing it. The operative word being 'push' .

I've recorded a 5 minute "Talking Hypnosis" for you. My advice is to listen to it at least twice. The less attention you pay to my words, the deeper you will go.

After listening to the hypnosis, just go about your life and you might notice new ideas and behaviors showing up. The less you push; the easier it will be.

This recording was not edited so it might be a little rough but I wanted to get it to you quickly.

Please let me know how you do. Of course your questions are welcome.

Here is the Hypnosis Audio: Body and Mind


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Monday, October 6, 2008

Ask the Hypnotist

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Can I relax without learning to meditate?

A: Listen to this 10 minute sample.

If you find it moderately calming, hypnosis can help you relax.

Set Yourself Free Sample

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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ask The Hypnotist

Listen to this 20 minute hypnosis track,
recorded in my small hypnosis seminar which met in September: (info about the seminar below)

Healthy Eating Audio

Small Monthly Hypnosis Seminar

Next meeting: Monday October 20th 7 - 8 pm
Please call (845/336-4646). Plan to arrive at 6:45 pm for an introduction to hypnosis.

Weight Loss, Smoking, Relaxation, Confidence...

What happens in the group?
Each participant will have a chance to request specific suggestions to be given during the hypnotic portion of the evening. For example: stop smoking, exercise, stay on track, eat healthy food, quiet the internal critic, etc. Click here for info-Small Group

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